A whale to share your groove

Funkwhale is a software that looks just like another streaming system : it allows you to host and share your music. The difference lies in the ability of two or more servers running Funkwhale, aka whales, to share their music with one another, thus giving their users the broadest music collection. Funkwale is free software, and built upon free tools as well. More details here on how whales can drop such funky beats !

Become a whale !

Funkwhale is just a software, and not a platform in any kind. It allows people to build their own network of personal instances, either public or private, with their own rules. Funkwhale can be run on a Raspberry Pi : you don’t need much to have one of your own. Start here.

Ultimately, Funkwhale is designed to enable a decentralized network on a human scale with a global outlook, that lets you share and listen to the music you like.

  • friendly hosting

  • federated instances

Or catch one !

If you don’t own a whale, you can still try to follow one ! Chose the one that suits you : you will have access to the music hosted on your whale, and to the music that this very whale has chosen to import from the network of its fellow cetaceans.

Here is a list of public whales, with their registration status :